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Kansas Matters lets you ask the questions

Kansas Matters

Sometimes the audience catches things in daily life that a journalist misses — things with the potential to become exceptional stories. Questions that could capture the attention of your community. But your curiosities about life in Kansas don’t always reach our reporters.

Now, the Kansas News Service aims to change that.

With Kansas Matters, we want your questions about modern life in Kansas to unearth possible stories that matter to Kansans like you.

Here’s how it works: You submit your questions using the form below. We collect those questions and choose which ones we can conceivably investigate. Then, a reporter explores the question and reports back with the answer.

Traditionally, a journalist pitches (or is assigned) a story, asks the questions they think are most important and reports that story to an audience. The Kansas Matters method flips that traditional approach on its head. You ask the questions and we investigate. It's like crowdsourcing news tips and story pitches from the community. It's a new way of involving you from the start as we set out to explore what really matters to the people of Kansas.

But first, we need your questions. What do you wonder about modern life in Kansas? Your questions could launch a Kansas News Service story published by news media across the state.

Submit your questions below and help us tell more stories that matter, and matter to you.

Grace Lotz is a digital producer for KCUR and the Kansas News Service. You can reach her at grace@kcur.org.
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