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Grace Lotz

Digital Producer - Kansas News Service

Grace Lotz is a Digital Producer for the Kansas News Service at KCUR.  An Illinois native, she arrived in Kansas City in 2012 and has been at KCUR since 2017.  Her eclectic background in music and marketing, paired with a lifelong passion for public radio, are the driving forces behind her laser focus on the audience of KCUR and the Kansas News Service.

Ways to Connect

Sometimes the audience catches things in daily life that a journalist misses — things with the potential to become exceptional stories. Questions that could capture the attention of your community. But your curiosities about life in Kansas don’t always reach our reporters.

Now, the Kansas News Service aims to change that.

With Kansas Matters, we want your questions about modern life in Kansas to unearth possible stories that matter to Kansans like you.


From its bloody free-state beginnings to present-day, red-state conservatism, we ask: How did Kansas get here?

My Fellow Kansans explores one of the most pivotal chapters in the state’s history — its hard turn to the right over the past three decades. A turn driven by abortion and other culture-war wedge issues, and by politicians skilled in exploiting them.

Join us every week from Sept. 17 through the election. If you’re already subscribed to Statehouse Blend Kansas, stick around – we think you’ll enjoy My Fellow Kansans from the Kansas News Service.

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