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Another 2020 Bummer Is Leaving Kansas Citians Stressed Over A Still-Unfinished Election

Teresa Welden
Frank Morris
Teresa Welden says she worries that the election will be stolen from Donald Trump, who falsely claimed early Wednesday morning to have won the election.

As Kansas City-area residents digest a presidential election that may take a few more days more to sort out, the anxiety is palpable.

As the presidential campaigns keep an eye on vote counts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and other swing states, many people at Truman Corners Mall in Grandview, Missouri, say they have had it with politics.

"I'm sick of it — sick of all of them," says David Chiarelli of Belton, Missouri.

Chiarelli, 57, does have a favorite. "Trump! But you know, he's got some issues too," says Chiarelli. "But at the end of the day, I'm just fed up."

Others say they're just ready for the presidential election to be over and don't care who wins.

Erick Weekley, who turned 55 on Election Day, headed into the grocery store with his two young daughters in tow.

"I'm a business owner, so I voted for Trump the first time. But, I just can't take one more day of this. I don't know what to do now," says Weekley.

Frank Morris
Business owner Erick Weekley voted for Biden this year after voting for Trump in 2016.

Weekley, who this time voted for Democrat Joe Biden, says President Trump mishandled the pandemic. He says waiting for the outcome is frustrating.

"It's unsettling because everything that's going on right now is unsettling," says Teresa Welden, a 54-year-old Kansas City taxi driver.

"It's unnerving because I mean, I'm gonna put it out there — I want Trump to win," Weldon says. "I want him to have every opportunity, and I want to know who my president is."

The Associated Press called Wisconsin, which Trump won in 2016, for Biden Wednesday afternoon, and in this unscientific snapshot, Biden voters seemed to be much more sanguine about the election's ultimate outcome.

"I feel great," says Don Phansiri, a 34-year-old from Lawrence.

"They're going to count every vote," Phansiri says, who believes that when all the votes are in Biden will be the president-elect.

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