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David Petrocco at his farm in Greeley, Colorado. He says the guestworker program should prioritize U.S. workers but also be fair to farmers and foreign laborers.

Ben Kuebrich

Ben grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC and moved to Garden City to work for HPPR.

Fascinated by the brain, he spent ten years studying neuroscience and working in laboratories at institutions like Emory University, MIT, and the University of Tokyo. During that time Ben also fell in love with listening to radio and podcasts, and started his career in audio doing research and fact-checking for the podcast Science Vs. He hopes to bring the objectivity and rigour that he honed as scientist and fact-checker to his reporting at HPPR.

Ben says he enjoys TV, rock-climbing, and noodling around on the bass guitar, but he’s never done all three at the same time. He does, however, always enjoy learning something new and is always looking for stories, so feel free to send him an email.

You can also listen to his podcast which highlights the work of independent podcast producers.