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Blame corn for your high grocery costs

High food prices are affecting many in Kansas City, and there are two crops that play an outsized role: corn and soybeans. Plus, one rancher in Kansas is outfitting his cattle with GPS collars to save money and protect the grasslands.

Corn and soybeans can be found in a large amount of what Americans consume. The current pricing of these two crops is a large part of why food expenses are so high. KCUR's Frank Morris reports why these commodities cost double what they did two years ago.

Building large swaths of fencing is expensive for ranchers and vulnerable to any number of problems. One Kansas rancher, however, is using a virtual solution that both saves money and helps conservation efforts. The Kansas News Service's Celia Llopis-Jepsen reports on the GPS collars that could help maintain Flint Hills for years to come.

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