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Trevor Grandin

Contributing Producer, KCUR Studios

Trevor Grandin is currently a contributing producer for KCUR Studios. A former Up To Date intern, Grandin attended Truman State University for Communication while working at his local college radio station 88.7 KTRM.

  • On April 2, Jackson County residents will be asked to extend a sales tax that would commit upwards of $1 billion to a new Royals stadium in downtown Kansas City. Even though businesses in the Crossroads and other community groups are still negotiating with the team, Royals owner John Sherman says the downtown ballpark will be good for the city.
  • The Rabbit Hole, a new museum in North Kansas City, is set to open next week. The museum hopes to immerse kids and parents in the world of children's literature. Plus: The indie rocker from Lawrence, Kansas, who's redefining his sound and flirting with folk music.
  • For 75 years, spectators have gathered in Liberal, Kansas, to watch racers run a quarter mile with a single pancake. How unorthodox traditions like the pancake race bring tangible benefits to small towns. Plus: Why comedian Mia Mercado wants KC to reconsider being "Midwestern nice."
  • Green Dirt Farm is opening a new restaurant next month that will bring its sheep’s milk cheeses to the Crossroads — in a spot now under threat from the new Royals stadium. Plus: At these Kansas City-area schools, students run the restaurants while you dine.
  • Tragic events, like the mass shooting outside of Union Station, often leave adults at a loss for words — and can be equally tough for kids, even if they might not know how to express it. How can parents and other adults guide those conversations?
  • This weekend will see the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers face off in Super Bowl 58. As is tradition, KCUR and San Francisco's KQED have made a friendly wager: barbecue for sourdough. Hear about how the Bay Area is getting in the spirit.
  • Danielle Nicole, Kansas City's most popular blues artist, is proud of how far she's come. She's releasing her 10th album — and this time, she owns her music. Plus: Will Kansas ever legalize marijuana?
  • Indigenous grassland once dominated much of Kansas. A new program, backed by corporate beef buyers, is teaming up with ranchers to preserve what's left of the rare ecosystem. Plus: A Missouri representative is working on bipartisan legislation to expand the Child Tax Credit as well as business tax breaks.
  • Kansas City neighborhood groups use a Missouri law to take control of empty homes with the hopes of breathing new life into them. But the law is also being used to buy up cheap houses and sell them for a profit. Plus: This weekend's Chiefs game will see a match up of two elite quarterbacks who can run as well as they can throw.
  • Millions of dollars have flowed into the state of Kansas from opioid settlement funds, which are supposed to go to treatment and prevention. So why are police getting a lot of that money? Plus: A Kansas City musician who turned his grief over his parents' deaths into art.