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How halal markets feed Kansas City's Ramadan celebrations

During Ramadan, halal markets in Kansas City are critical to the Islamic community’s month-long celebration and traditions. Learn how some help make Ramadan in the metro feel like home. Also, for nearly a decade, Blip Coffee Roasters has offered Kansas City bikers a place to hang out and admire motorcycles. Meet the cast of regulars at a West Bottoms coffee shop.

Muslims celebrate Ramadan every year by by fasting from sunup to sundown, then breaking bread with friends and family at the end of each day. KCUR’s Lawrence Brooks IV takes us to some halal markets around Kansas City that help feed some of those believers.

For almost a decade, Blip Coffee Roasters has been a haven for Kansas City bikers — especially on Sunday mornings. KCUR’s Celisa Calacal spent a morning with the bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts and the customers who bring Blip Coffee Roasters in the West Bottoms to life.

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