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Byron J. Love

On-Demand Podcast Producer

As an on-demand producer, I am focused on using my skills and experiences across multiple digital applications, platforms and media fields to create community focused audio, video and on-demand products for KCUR Studios. The media that I produce aims to inform, entertain and connect with the Kansas City metro area as we continue to learn from each other.

Email me at byronlove@kcur.org.

  • A process called civil asset forfeiture allows Kansas police to take money, cars and other property from citizens — even if they're never convicted of a crime. Police say it stops criminals, but opponents say law enforcement takes too much, without enough oversight.
  • Seeking A Scientist is returning for a second season! But before we head back to the lab, Kate The Chemist wants to hear from YOU. What episode was your favorite? What do you want to hear more about from us? Leave us a review and comment on your favorite podcast platform, or email Kate directly at Kate@seekingascientist.org.
  • Bills to legalize sports betting in Missouri are stalled in the legislature, even a year after Kansas lawmakers signed off on gambling. Plus: Why Mexico’s president is trying to ban the import of genetically modified corn from the U.S.
  • A plan to change zoning laws to allow for more multi-family housing in Prairie Village is dawning sharp opposition from some residents who fear the changes threaten the suburb's "Perfect Village" image.
  • This school year will look a lot different for students in Independence, who head back to the classroom this week. Independence is by far the largest district in Missouri to make the switch to a four-day school week. Plus: Dealing with household clutter is a part of life, but for some Kansans it spirals into hoarding.
  • Two separate audits of the Kansas foster care system have found troubling trends in child welfare. After a 2018 lawsuit, which alleged that foster kids moved around so much they were essentially homeless, the state agreed to improve on a handful of metrics. But years later, the situation is just as bad — and in some cases, worse.
  • Local police raided the offices of the Marion County Record and the home of its publisher, in an unprecedented and potentially illegal move that is being called a violation of First Amendment rights.
  • This summer, communities across the U.S. are suffering from extreme heat waves, and Kansas City is no exception. We’ll hear why cities are often hotter than other places — and ideas for cooling them down.
  • Tuesday is a primary election in Kansas. Voters in Johnson and Wyandotte Counties are heading to the polls to narrow the field for area city councils, county commissioners and school boards.
  • Summer brings new challenges to making sure kids safe, busy, and away from violence — especially with youth homicides on track to set a record this year. One Kansas City club is trying to keep children and teens occupied with drum lines, movies and games. Plus: A collector who's determined to make Kansas City's antique fans cool again.