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Byron J. Love

On-Demand Podcast Producer

As an on-demand producer, I am focused on using my skills and experiences across multiple digital applications, platforms and media fields to create community focused audio, video and on-demand products for KCUR Studios. The media that I produce aims to inform, entertain and connect with the Kansas City metro area as we continue to learn from each other.

Email me at byronlove@kcur.org.

  • Missouri GOP leaders say they aren’t worried that potential disunity during the 2024 primary races will hurt their general election chances in November. Plus: Two companies in Kansas are trying to build the state’s first underground carbon dioxide storage sites.
  • The shooting that followed last week's Chiefs Super Bowl victory celebration has restarted a familiar conversation about gun control, even among elected officials who fled together for safety when the gunfire broke out. Could such a high-profile tragedy foster bipartisan changes to gun laws?
  • At least one person is dead and 22 people injured after a shooting at Union Station, marking a quick and tragic end to the Kansas City Chiefs' victory parade and rally. The shooting victim was identified as local radio DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan. Kansas City police have detained three suspects in connection with the shooting.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs have won their third Super Bowl title in five years, and are the first back-to-back NFL champions in almost 20 years.
  • With the Kansas City Chiefs back in the Super Bowl, Kansas sports bettors — and Taylor Swift fans — are wagering millions of dollars on the team to win. But that doesn't necessarily mean money for the state of Kansas. Plus: Kansas City's legendary "Sodfather" won't be working this Super Bowl, for the first time ever.
  • A small band of far-right conservative state senators in Missouri has drawn the ire of even their fellow Republicans. Their goal is to make it even harder to change the state constitution for issues like protecting abortion rights. And they might succeed.
  • Kansas City received more than 600 pothole reports after the cold snap cut up roads. Crews are trying to patch them up quickly, but the craters are already taking out tires and suspensions. Plus: Why a Kansas surgeon is helping wounded soldiers in Ukraine.
  • Gov. Mike Parson highlighted bipartisan issues in his final State of the State address as Missouri governor, gaining him some praise across the aisle. The Republican governor shares his agenda and goals for the last year of his term.
  • Students across the Kansas City region have lost a lot of school days because of snowy conditions and below-zero temperatures. That's left families scrambling to find child care, and schools figuring out how to make up that educational time. Plus: Middle-schoolers from across Missouri competed to design the city of the future.
  • Last week saw significant developments in two deeply divisive areas of Missouri law. What will lawmakers do with legislation limiting transgender rights and health care this year, and will voters enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution?