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Senator Blunt OK With Short Term Deficits For Tax Cuts, Chides Trump And Senators

Frank Morris
KCUR 89.3

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, a Republican, says he is optimistic that Congress will overhaul the tax system by the end of the year. Blunt says most people don’t know the details of the tax proposal he expects Senators to vote on this year, but he anticipates it will  involve a break for working class people.  He also thinks it will likely increase the budget deficit.

“I think a short term increase in the deficit that leads to a long term increase in income is the right thing to do,” Blunt says.

Blunt disputes independent analysis showing that the President’s initial proposal would boost taxes for many middle class citizens. Blunt says he thinks tax cuts, along with a friendly business environment will give workers more to spend, delivering a key Republican priority. But to get it done, he says President Trump and his senate colleagues need to concentrate.

“You know the President has a really big job to do, and I would hope he spends his time focused on that job. Just like members of the Senate do, and I would hope they spend more time focused on that job,” says Blunt.

Blunt spoke at Swope Health Services in Kansas City Wednesday, touting his legislative efforts to promote and normalize mental health coverage. 

Frank Morris is a national correspondent and senior editor at KCUR 89.3. You can reach him on Twitter @FrankNewsman.