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An After Midnight Snack At Town Topic

Aug 26, 2012

So you and your friends have knocked a few beers back and are feeling a little hungry, but it’s 2 a.m.

Town Topic is a Kansas City establishment that has been around since being opened in 1937.  The tiny white shack with its red neon sign has acted as a late-night hub for the all-night workers, drunken partiers and anyone looking for atmosphere and cheap food.  Open 24/7, Town Topic receives a crowd comprised of just about anyone you can think of.

Town Topic is famous for its burgers but has a pretty large diner menu and a chalkboard filled with pie choices, so finding something for you shouldn’t be difficult — unless you want a salad.

Regulars have flocked to the tiny restaurant for generations for a consistently tasty product.  April Reddick, 27, is a waitress at Town Topic and estimates that 85 percent of their customers are regulars.  She says Town Topic has a welcoming air about it.

However, Town Topic isn’t free of problems.  Due to its all-night serving the restaurant has seen everything from drunken fights, people stripping and shootings in the parking lot.  In fact, on July 21, six people were shot and wounded in the parking lot.  A police officer now stands outside, keeping an eye out during the busy weekend nights. 

The restaurant has been feature on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations as well.

Whether or not you fall in love with their food, Town Topic is a great place to people watch late at night and see a different part of Kansas City culture.