How A Governor’s Scandals May Shift The U.S. Senate | KCUR

How A Governor’s Scandals May Shift The U.S. Senate

Apr 30, 2018

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley seems headed for the Republican nomination to challenge incumbent U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill this fall. But Hawley's path has been made rougher by his complicated relationship with Gov. Eric Greitens—fellow Republican, fellow first-time-officeholder—and subject of his investigations. In this episode, host Brian Ellison takes an early look at the 2018 race. He talks with KCUR's Erica Hunzinger about Hawley's history and present entanglement with the governor. Then KCUR's Up to Date host Steve Kraske analyzes McCaskill's chances and recalls covering that 2012 race.

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Music used in this episode: Warming Evening by Nameless Dancers; Cat's Eye, In Passage, The Silver Hatch, and Soothe by Blue Dot Sessions; Am-Trans by Podington Bear