Seg. 1: Food Halls. Seg. 2: Breweries. | KCUR

Seg. 1: Food Halls. Seg. 2: Breweries.

Oct 26, 2018

Segment 1: Are food halls the next food trucks?

The Kansas City area now has two food halls, which are single buildings with lots of restaurant stalls inside. If you're thinking of a fancy food court, you're right. But rather than chain restaurants, food halls offer speciality foods from local vendors, like Yucatan-Turkish wings from Karbon in Parlor

Segment 2, beginning at 16:22: The many brews of Kansas City.

Kansas City is the long-time home of Boulevard Brewing Company, and in the past few years it's welcomed more and more craft breweries. We talk about up-and-coming breweries in Kansas City, and the eats that go well with the drinks, with our food critics and a local beer blogger.