Seg. 1: Veronica Clay | Seg. 2: Premature Births | KCUR

Seg. 1: Veronica Clay | Seg. 2: Premature Births

Feb 4, 2020

Segment 1: A young Kansas City poet reads Dear White Police Officer.

Veronica Clay was one of the featured performers at the Kansas City Jazz Museum for last year's Martin Luther King Day celebration (2019). This is a rebroadcast of a conversation about the poem she read, and her experience of race in Kansas City.

  • Veronica Clay, poet and spoken word artist

Segment 2: What premature birth can teach us about being human.

Sarah DiGregorio's story of giving birth early, at 28 weeks, and spending time in the neonatal intensive care unit with her daughter catapulted her into a world that was unfamiliar, so she started looking for answers to all her questions. Her new book is the result of that research and self-reflection.