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Senate Appropriations Chair Urges More Money For Teachers

Oct 9, 2009

Jefferson City, MO – The chair of the state Senate Appropriations committee is calling on Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to consider providing more money for the Career Ladder program this year when new revenue estimates come in.

Career Ladder provides extra income to teachers who take on extra duties, but the program is funded retroactively. Money for the current school year won't be provided until Fiscal Year 2010. GOP Senator Gary Nodler says if the December revenue estimate indicates there's enough money to keep Career Ladder going, he wants Governor Nixon to issue a supplemental budget request at that time.

Nodler: "So that school districts and teachers would know at the earliest possible date whether or not that reimbursement is going to occur and if he will request a supplemental appropriation, I will support the request."

House Democrats have accused GOP leaders of seeking to de-fund Career Ladder. They call Nodler's proposal, quote, "damage control."