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Where In The Brain Does An Itch And A Migraine Come From?

Jul 16, 2013

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Remember the last time you had a mosquito bite, an allergy ridden nose, or a rash. The sensation that makes these small ailments torments is the desire to itch and experience that sweet relief following the act of scratching.

But much of what we experience when we feel an urge to itch is actually deep in the brain. On Wednesday's Central Standard we'll look at the science of itching and take a look into the the pain and mystery behind migraine headaches.

There is little known about this common health issue and the severe pain it causes those who suffer from them. We’ll look at the variety of treatments from prescription drugs to psychological and physical remedies-- some of which you won’t believe. 

Migraine Resources:
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Peter Smith | Director of the Institute of Neurological Discoveries
Lanny Rossenwasser | Professor of Pediatrics, Allergy/Immunology Division, Children’s Mercy Hospital
Jennifer Bickel | Neurologist and Medical Director of the Children’s Mercy Headache Clinic
Nancy Berman | Member of the Institute for Neurological Discoveries