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Computer Guys: The True Cost of a Computer Virus


Today on the show, we ask the Computer Guys to tell us everything they know about how we can protect ourselves from a computer virus, and exactly how much that should cost. Is free antivirus software more expensive than the paid version? Where can you get a reliable rating of the various anti-virus products, and what devices need protecting? Is there an anti-virus pill you can take?

From RATs (Remote-access Trojans) to routers, we get updated on the changing nature of vicious malware. Viruses originated as pranks, but more and more, hackers have figured out how to profit from your misery. Our hosts remind us to think before you click—listen in for more tips on how to keep your computers safe and sound.

George Costello, Independent Mac Consultant
Thos. O’Brian, CEO IDEOLITY & Managing Partner BOLD Internet Solutions