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Central Standard

Inside The Urban Farm Movement

People have always grown food in urban spaces – from windowsills to neighborhood parks – but today, urban farmers say they’re leading a new movement. On this Wednesday's Central Standard, a look at efforts to transform the nation’s food system.

Our guest Ethno-Biologist Edwin Marty has studied the exploding urban farm movement all over the nation - from backyard food swaps to a restaurant supply garden on a Brooklyn rooftop. He's the author of Breaking Through Concrete: Building An Urban Farm Revival.

Kansas City, what are your experiences with urban farming here in the metro and what do you think about its long-term viability? Give us a call at 816-235-2888 or shoot us an e-mail at centralstandard@kcur.org.

Author Edwin Marty gave a free talk Tuesday, June 26th at 6 p.m. at the Kansas City Public Library, Central Branch, 14 West 10th Street. This event was sponsored by Cultivate Kansas City and Chipotle. More info.