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Computer Guys: Application Permissions

Have you ever wondered why your flashlight app wants to know your exact location? Why the cute cat video wants to post on your Facebook wall? And how annoying is when your finance software asks your mom for gas money? On this Monday's Central Standard, a look at what we give permission to and why.

This week’s show is inspired by listener Tony, who e-mailed us this question:

Why do so many apps require so many invasive permissions to be granted for use i.e. log files, contacts, full access etc.?

Here to help us find that answer are the Computer Guys, I.T. Pro Thos. O'Brien and Mac expert George Costello.

What software or mobile app have you downloaded only to regret later? What programs do you wish you never gave permission to? And which apps do it right? Call in at 816-235-2888, send us a tweet, or shoot us an e-mail.

Gene and JR suggest the program EULAlyzer to analyze End User License Agreements to provide a detailed listing of potentially interesting words and phrases. Free download for Windows, but not available for mobile yet. JR says he uses Lookout to protect against malware, phishing, loss and theft for his android devices.

Thos. O'Brien, IDEOLITY.com, BOLD-is.com
George Costello, Mac Consultant