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Computer Guys: OS Monogamy And Special Needs Accessibility


For the longest time the Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) was the dominant player in computing.  Then Apple introduced its OS and has since overtaken Microsoft. Now there’s Google’s Chrome and Android operating systems giving consumers and users more choices than ever.  So, do you have to stay with just one OS or can you mix it up a little?  On Monday’s Central Standard, we explore operating system monogamy with the Computer Guys.

Plus, what good is a computer if someone can't use it?  We  look at how computers are made accessible for those with special needs.  Then we plug in to the latest tech news in the lightning round.

George Costello is a past president of MacCORE, the Macintosh user group, and a well-known and highly regarded independent Mac consultant. Thomas O'Brien is CEO of IDEOLITY, a firm that supports I.T. infrastructure environments of nonprofit organizations and values-driven businesses.  He's also a managing partner for BOLD Internet Solutions.

Danie Alexander is the senior producer of Up To Date.