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Best Recreational Biking Trails And Routes In The Greater Kansas City Area

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Some bicyclists are all-purpose riders, using a mere two wheels to get to work, school, the grocery store and everywhere in between. But lots of people ride just for fun and relaxation. Central Standard invited expert panelists and listeners alike to share their favorite recreational biking trails in Kansas City and the surrounding suburbs. Below is a list of a few places where the weekend warrior can enjoy a leisurely ride.

  • Indian Creek Trail, runs along 435 corridor east and west, a long trail that runs through both residential and commercial areas. Travels all the way from Kansas City, Mo. to Olathe, Kan. Trail is well-maintained according to our listeners.
  • Tomahawk Creek Trail, connects Overland Park, Kan., Leawood, Kan. and Kansas City, Mo. Trail is well-maintained according to our listeners.
  • A custom route encompassing Paseo Boulevard, Vine, 18th Street and Cliff Drive in Kansas City, Mo.
  • Trail behind Deanna Rose Farmstead, the neighborhood provides "gnome homes" or "fairy houses" along the trail that young children can enjoy.
  • Mill Creek Streamway Trail in Johnson County, especially near the Shawnee Mission Park area. One listener likes to ride offshoots from the path near K-10 and Woodland near the frontage trail, side streets hook back up with the Streamway Trail. The main trail can be crowded on weekends, but is fairly open on weekdays.
  • Bike trails in the Watts Millarea, accessible at Watts Mill Plaza at 103rd Street and State Line Road.
  • Longview Lake trails in Blue Springs, Mo.


  • Aaron Bartlett, Bicycle and Training Coordinator, Mid-America Regional Council
  • Brian Shields, City Traffic Engineer, City of Overland Park
  • Brian Anderson, Superintendent of Parks, City of Leawood
  • Mitch Williams, member and cyclist, Kansas City Metro Bicycle Club

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