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Central Standard

Seg. 1: The Pig's Popularity In Midwestern, Global Cooking. Seg. 2: Best Pork Dishes In Kansas City.

Segment 1: Local chef brings Samoan family tradition of the pig roast to celebrations in Kansas City.

We chatted with Chef Howard Hanna, of The Rieger and Ca Va, about pork's place in Midwestern food culture. He also told us about the significance of pig roasts in Samoan culture and about what it takes to throw a successful one here in Kansas City. Then, we heard a piece by KCUR's Michelle Tyrene Johnson about a beloved sandwich shop that's been serving up pork tenderloin sandwiches for decades. 

Segment 2, starting at 18:04: The Food Critics give their picks for where to get the best pork in town. 

Sandwiches, tacos, decadent charcuterie boards ... if you're a pro-pork Kansas Citian, you've got lots of options. Today, KCUR's Food Critics and listeners shared where to go to try their favorite pig-centric dishes. 

Gina Kaufmann is the host of KCUR’s Central Standard, a talkshow fueled by curiosity and critical thinking. You can reach her on Twitter, @GinaKCUR.