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Seg. 1: Let's Fix Things | Seg. 2: Books About Work

Segment 1: Why we don't fix things any more, and why that matters.

There's a national movement encouraging people to learn how to fix things as an antidote to consumer waste and excess spending. But fix-it-yourself workshops happening around the country are having trouble getting off the ground in Kansas City. Our guests give the spiels they'd deliver at such workshops, if they did exist here.

Segment 2 (beginning at 22:11): What literature has to say about the working life.

The Bibliofiles discuss how jobs and careers define even fictional characters as well as real people whose writing takes us behind the scenes in their professions. The recommendations they shared for great reads about work can be found here.

  • Kaite Stover, The Kansas City Public Library
  • Jeffrey Ann Goudie, freelance writer and book critic
  • Mark Luce, Barstow School and University of Kansas
Gina Kaufmann is the host of Real Humans By Gina Kaufmann. You can reach her on Twitter, @GinaKCUR.