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Seg. 1: One More Cup | Seg. 2: Black Restaurant Week | Seg. 3: Sly James the Cat

Segment 1: A Waldo coffee shop looks back on 10 years.

As One More Cup approaches its announced closing date, one of the owners joins us to talk about what neighborhood hangouts mean to their communities.

  • Stacy Neff, One More Cup

Segment 2: Kansas City prepares for its first-ever Black Restaurant Week.

What's the idea behind Black Restaurant Week, and how does it fit into the big picture of race in restaurant culture, in Kansas City and beyond?

  • Marquez Beasley, event producer, Black Restaurant Week
  • Reginal Gray, serial entrepreneur and spokesperson for the Black Privilege app
  • Todd Kliman, author of Coding and Decoding Dinner

Segment 3: Sly James the Cat is a social media celebrity.

When Brandy Peed started dressing up her cat, named after former mayor Sly James, she was taking pictures and sharing them to entertain her friends. More than 4000 followers later on Instagram, she tells her story.

  • Brandy Peed, owner/"cat mom", Sly James the Cat
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