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Living The Artist's Life

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It's one thing to create art and quite another to make a living as an artist.  After all, the phrase "starving artist" exists for a reason.For those brave enough to try we offer some help in the first part of Thursday's Up to Date.  Gallery owner Paul Dorrell offers pragmatic advice in Living the Artist's Life: A Guide to Growing, Persevering, and Succeeding in the Art World.  From a ten-point checklist to keep your goals in sight to getting into galleries, Dorrell explains his commitment to helping artists realize their dreams

More information: Paul Dorrell will discuss his book, Living the Artist’s Life: Update & Revised, and conduct an abbreviated version of his career workshop on Monday, September 24th, at Unity Temple on the Plaza.  More information is available through Rainy Day Books.

Credit Leopold Gallery
Paul Dorrell

Paul Dorrell founded Leopold Gallery in 1991 to represent regional artists, and help build regional culture.  Prior to that he worked as Director's Assistant at Hill-Stead Museum in CT.   His clients include Warner Brothers, the Kansas City Chiefs, H&R Block, the Kauffman Foundation, and thousands of private collectors.  In the case of corporations, hospitals and stadiums, he designs unique art programs that win national praise for their vision, originality and community impact.  Paul also founded the Leopold Gallery Foundation to provide educational opportunities for teenage artists from urban areas.  Paul and his wife, Annie, raised their sons in Kansas City.  He has spent decades roaming America by motorcycle, riding through every contiguous state.  Paul has lived in Alaska, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Italy, and England, and attempts to surf every time he visits California.

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