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TEDxKC: Getting Money Out Of Politics And A DIY Musician

Sage Ross /
Wikimedia Commons

Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig says we can't begin to deal with problems like climate change, financial reform or anything else until we deal with the corrupting influence of money in American politics. As part of Up to Date's  continuing look at TEDxKC 2014, Lessig explains to Steve Kraske how he believes our system became broken and what it will take to fix it.

Then meet Kawehi, the musician labeled the "One-Woman Band".  Her cover of Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" posted to YouTube caught the attention of Esquire, The Huffington Post and Elle. Kawehi talks to Steve Kraske about her DIY approach to creating, and funding, her music.

Hear More: Kawehi arranges and performs "Heart-Shaped Box"


Steve Kraske is the host of KCUR's Up To Date. Follow him on Twitter @stevekraske.
Danie Alexander is the senior producer of Up To Date.