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Seg. 1: Retro Jazz Band Plays To Build Community. Seg. 2: Misperceptions About Young Women & Health.

LeAnn Mueller
Wikimedia Commons
The Hot Sardines formed in 2007, when Elizabeth Bougerol, a former student at the London School of Economics, met actor Evan Palazzo through a Craigslist ad.

Segment 1: High-energy ensemble re-imagines jazz music for a younger generation.

The combination of french fries and Champagne, casual and sophisticated, is an accurate representation of The Hot Sardines' lively music. (It's also the title of their latest album.) Today, we talked with members of the group about their younger audiences, their resident tap dancer and how they fill old tunes with new energy.

The Hot Sardines will take part in the Folly Jazz Series at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, March 9, at The Folly Theater, 300 W. 12th St., Kansas City, Missouri  64105. For more information visit FollyTheater.org.

Segment 2 beginning at 20:58: Serious health conditions disproportionately impact young women, who are more likely overlooked as patients.

When you think of a patient dealing with hip problems or cancer, chances are good you're not imagining a young woman. This was the reaction Michele Lent Hirsch got when, in her 20s, she was hit with a slew of health problems. We spoke with the journalist about why young women with health problems are often overlooked, and how disability changes other aspects of their lives.

When I host Up To Date each morning at 9, my aim is to engage the community in conversations about the Kansas City area’s challenges, hopes and opportunities. I try to ask the questions that listeners want answered about the day’s most pressing issues and provide a place for residents to engage directly with newsmakers. Reach me at steve@kcur.org or on Twitter @stevekraske.