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Seg. 1: Legislation, Trade And Midwestern Farmers. Seg. 2: Can Classic Rock Music Outlive Its Stars?

A dry crop field under a blue sky.
Madelyn Beck
Harvest Public Media
Widespread drought, pictured here in western Illinois, has been a significant concern this season for farmers across the midwest.

Segment 1: How national headlines impact local farmers.

Even if agriculture may not seem like a big part of your life, farmers are responsible for much of our food, our clothes and even our medicine. Today, we sat down with three reporters from Harvest Public Media to learn how farmers across the Midwest are responding to drought, tariffs and the newest version of the farm bill.

Segment 2, beginning at 22:35: Lessons from the culture of classic rock.

Decades after their deaths, Keith Moon, John Lennon and Freddie Mercury are portrayed as mythical music icons. But why are these artists lionized, and do contemporary musicians have as much staying power? We heard from music critic Steven Hyden about the legacy of classic rock, and what we can still learn from the genre.

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