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Seg. 1: The Mission Continues After Greitens Scandal. Seg. 2: Socially Responsible Investing.

The Mission Continues
Volunteers from The Mission Continues, which was founded by former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens before he took office, serve in more than 40 metro areas throughout the country.

Segment 1: After a year of controversy, how is the former governor's nonprofit bouncing back?

Before he was Missouri's governor, Eric Greitens founded The Mission Continues to help veterans reintegrate in and improve the communities where they lived. After he became governor and was accused of using the nonprofit's donor list to raise campaign funds, the charity came under intense scrutiny. Now that the dust is starting to settle, we spoke with the organization's leader and a volunteer to see how the group is moving beyond the scandal.

Segment 2, beginning at 20:15: The Smart Money Experts on how to turn a profit while making a positive impact.

Since socially responsible investing can mean different things to different people, we invited the Smart Money Experts to explain how folks can best use their assets to influence corporate behavior. They shared tips and tools for finding a company's ESG rating (that's "environmental, social and governance"), and discussed the challenges of diversification when sustainability and ethical impact is an investor's top priority.

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