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Seg. 1: DC Lobbyists Help Congress Consider Kansas City Companies. Seg. 2: Ron Elving & Ken Rudin.

Ben Schumin
Wikimedia Commons
K Street in Washington has long been known as a center for the lobbying industry, think tanks and advocacy groups.

Segment 1: Are lobbyists the secret to keeping local companies competitive?

Ask a typical voter how they regard lobbyists, and you might get a wrinkled nose and a response suggesting lobbyists represent everything wrong with American politics. But can a case be made that lobbyists actually add value to a political system overrun with people trying to influence elected officials one way or another? As we continue our visit to NPR Headquarters in Washington, we met a pair of lobbyists who troll congressional hallways to get their perspective on what lobbyists actually do.

Segment 2, beginning at 23:05: Political perspectives on the 2018 midterm and beyond.

We’re less than a month from a critical set of midterm elections, and then, in an instant, the talk will turn to 2020 and this nation’s next presidential election. We took a look at where Missouri's U.S. Senate race stands, snuck a peek at the Kansas gubernatorial election, and looked ahead at who the Democrats might put up to face Donald Trump (presumably) in 2020.

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