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Seg. 1: The Path Forward For Missouri Prisons. Seg. 2: What Too Much Screen Time Means For Kids.

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Family psychologist Wes Crenshaw worries that the need to reach the next level of a video game is replacing the need to accomplish real-world goals.

Segment 1: Prison consolidation, small pay bumps and more transparency are key to success in Missouri corrections department.

Since taking over Missouri's Department of Corrections nearly two years ago, Anne Precythe has been busy. She's charged with turning around a state agency that's struggled to retain staff and to keep inmates and prison employees safe from assault. Today, Precythe filled us in on the steps she's taken to ameliorate the issues her department is facing.

Segment 2, beginning at 23:33: Adolescents sleep-wake cycle is affected by long periods of screen time before bed. 

Back before we all started carrying supercomputers around in our pockets, the soolution to too much screen time was simply to turn off the television. These days, cutting down on screen time requires a little more attention and care, especially for young ones who use laptops, tablets, and smartphones for learning and personal interaction every day. Psychologist Wes Crenshaw offered advice for managing your kids' screen time, and for broadening their idea of achievement and ability outside of their devices. 

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