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Seg. 1: Campus Free Speech | Seg. 2: Education On Autism

Segment 1: Protest at the University of Missouri - Kansas City highlighted struggle universities and their students face over First Amendment right to free speech. 

The University of Missouri-Kansas City recently made headlines after an encounter between a protestor and guest speaker occurred on campus grounds. Two students present during the incident with opposite views shared a civil conversation about free speech, hate speech and where to draw the line.

  • Seth Schribler, Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom
  • Margaret Stansell, UMKC student and protest supporter

Segment 2, beginning at 25:45: Student teaches schoolmates about autism and inclusivity.

Nine-year old Mariah Turner, whose little brother has autism, presented her principal at Westridge Elementary with a plan to help educate students about the disorder. Mariah explained those ideas and how she and classmates were able to share information about autism with the school population. 

  • Maude Turner, mother of Mariah Turner
  • Mariah Turner, 4th-grade student at Westridge Elementary School
  • Matt Jones, principal at Westridge Elementary School
Steve Kraske is the host of KCUR's Up To Date. Follow him on Twitter @stevekraske.