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Seg. 1: Decreasing Gun Violence | Seg. 2: Connecting Generations

Segment 1: California city posts dramatic results in gun violence reduction.

"Oakland Ceasefire" is a citywide program that has committed support and participation from community members, city government and law enforcement in its approach to curb violent crimes. The co-author of an in-depth report on the initiative explained what it took for Oakland's success and what it would take for metros like Kansas City to do the same.

  • Mike McLively, senior staff attorney and Urban Gun Violence Initiative director, Giffords Law Center

Segment 2, beginning at 25:14: How relationships across generations can prevent loneliness and isolation issues in society.

Social isolation has been on the rise among both the young and elderly, however, social media is not the only contributor to blame for this. Author Hayim Herring shared how exchanging experiences between generations can break age group stereotypes and lead to lives that are rich in meaning and purpose.

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