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Seg. 1: Kansas Prisons | Seg. 2: Helium Shortage Impact

Segment 1: Two years after Kansas prison riots, facilities are still overcrowded and understaffed.

In 2017 riots broke out in Kansas prisons highlighting the understaffed and overcrowded conditions that exist there. State lawmakers said those conditions still exist and even with the steps taken in the latest session to correct them there is still a long way to go.

Segment 2, beginning at 30:32: Global helium shortage means more than just higher prices for inflating birthday balloons.

Helium's rare qualities have made it essesntial for MRIs, satellites and levitated trains to name just a few uses. Even though no one knows exactly how much helium is still available in the earth, there is concern that the supply is running out with no good replacement in sight. 

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