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Seg. 1: Human Cost Of Reassessment | Seg. 2: Toxic Humanity

Segment 1: Jackson County reassessment disrupting more than property values

Though the Jackson County reassessment mess has been about market price, it is the people who own the homes and businesses who are most deeply affected. Three Jackson County residents discussed how their neighborhoods have reacted and the real-life implications for them and their neighbors should the new valuations stand. 

Segment 2, beginning at 25:13: Different social expectations for boys and men result in different definitions of masculinity

"Be a man" isn't a phrase of the past and can still imply the rigid traditional definition of aggression and emotional suppression. A psychiatrist and a psychologist discussed how masculinity isn't inherently toxic and how the social climate in which a boy is raised influences how he expresses himself in adulthood. 

  • Wizdom Powell, director of the Health Disparities Institute, associate professor of psychiatry, University of Connecticut Health System
  • Ronald Levant, clinical psychologist and professor emeritus of psychology, University of Akron
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