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Seg. 1: New KCMO Council Members | Seg. 2: Labor Day Drinks

Segment 1: Council rookies relate what the first month on the job has been like.

In her first weeks on the Kansas City City Council Andrea Bough realized, "it puts you in the position of ... making a decision based upon what's good for the city as a whole." She and other fellow first-timers talk about learning how the council operates, and the urgent issues, like gun violence, that were waiting for them when they arrived.

Segment 2, beginning at 24:24: Drink suggestions for the holiday weekend

You've got the grill ready to go, the food picked out and the backyard set up for a Labor Day fete. The only decision left is what drinks to have on hand. Our resident libation expert has some great suggestions, including the non-alcholic cocktail below!

To make a 1900 Athletic Club pour 2.5 oz. strawberry syrup, 1 oz. lemon juice and 1 egg white in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously then strain into a coupe glass and garnish with 2 drops of rose water, lemon oil and a mint leaf. Recipe courtesy of Charlie Hibbard.

Brian Ellison is a guest host of talk shows, newscasts, special coverage and community events for KCUR. Follow him on Twitter @ptsbrian.
Danie Alexander is the senior producer of Up To Date.