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Seg. 1: Musicians and Health | Seg. 2: Spending/Saving Balance

Segment 1: Annual Kansas City event encourages musicians to eat better and focus on their health.

Gerald Dunn started Musicians Appreciation Day 13 years ago. That's when the general manager of the Blue Room began noticing the problem in Kansas City's music scene of musicians calling in sick. Because a musician's salary can vary widely, many don't have enough to afford medical care and the lifestyle can foster poor eating habits. Dunn's free event offers health screenings and fresh produce to help musicians prioritize health, because Dunn said "a lot of times they forget about themselves."

  • Gerald Dunn, director of entertainment and Blue Room general manager, American Jazz Museum
  • Niki Lee Donawa, chief community relations officer, Truman Medical Center
  • Wes Blackman, Kansas City musician and band leader

Segment 2, beginning at 22:33: How to make responsible purchases now, while being conscious of future savings. 

The Smart Money Experts shared ways to make big purchases like cars or vacations, without jeopardizing future savings for retirement or college. They said it's important to establish financial goals, but also to find a balance that allows you to reward yourself. The advice is to know what you're spending every month then look at what you can trade for that the major purchase you'd like to enjoy now. Maybe it would be worth driving that paid-for car a few more years if it means taking a dream vacation! 

  • David Jackson, financial advisor, Modern Horizons Wealth Advisors
  • Sandi Weaver, founder, Weaver Financial
  • Nolan Keim, client service associate, Marin Wealth Advisors

Musicians Appreciation Day 2019, 5 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 19 at The Blue Room, 1600 E. 18th St., Kansas City, Missouri 64108. Find more information at AmericanJazzMuseum.org

American Consumer Credit Counseling offers possible solutions to people in need of financial help. Call 1-800-769-3571 for a free budget and debt consultation. Find more information at ConsumerCredit.com

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