Sen. Blunt, Roberts 'Disappointed' With President's Speech | KCUR

Sen. Blunt, Roberts 'Disappointed' With President's Speech

Jul 25, 2013

President Obama's Warrensburg speech drew unified and quick disapproval from Republican officials. In one case, the critique came before the president spoke.

The White House was very open in advance about the fact that the president would be urging acceptance of his existing priorities, including investment in education, infrastructure and health care.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt took advantage of the pre-release information to make a speech of his own on the Senate floor before Air Force One had touched down in his state.

Blunt said he welcomed a "pivot" to a focus on the economy, but disagreed as to whether the president's suggestions would really be of benefit.

“Public sector jobs don't pay the bill, they are the bill," Senator Blunt said. "Private sector jobs is where we need to go.”

Blunt said the way to grow private sector jobs is to repeal the federal health care law, approve the Keystone pipeline and simplify the tax code for businesses.

Both Blunt and Kansas Senator Pat Roberts referred to the president's remarks as “a campaign speech” and expressed disappointment that he presented no new proposals.