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Housing Market | Masks In Public | Coronavirus In Kansas | Barbecue Vending Machine

04/14/20_man in surgical mask_Tai'sCaptures
Photo by Tai's Captures
The latest coronavirus guidelines from the CDC recommending wearing a face mask when out in public causes a problem for black men.

Segment 1: How the coronavirus is changing the real estate market

As the spread of COVID-19 shuts down cities and rattles the stock market, home buyers and sellers are feeling the strain. A Kansas City real estate agent shared how he and his colleagues are changing their practices for helping people to find a home.

Segment 2, beginning at 25:40: Following the latest CDC advice to wear masks in public has some black men worried

In parts of the country, black men wearing masks to protect themselves against the coronavirus have been asked to remove the face coverings or leave the stores. A local father related what goes through his mind before deciding whether or not to don a mask.

Segment 3, beginning at 38:09: How eastern Kansas county came to have the highest death rate in the state

Of Kansas's 105 counties, Wyandotte County ranks the worst for deaths related to COVID-19. The reasons why are complicated.

Segment 4, beginning at 46:48: A new vending machine offers a Kansas City classic

Restaurants all over the metro are closed, so Jones Bar-B-Q's latest idea comes at just the right time. It's a vending machine full of meat with sides.

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