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Pet Companionship | Coronavirus 311 Calls | Journalism From Afar | Proud Farmer's Son

04242020_pet and owner_Bruno-Cervera_Unsplash.jpg
Bruno Cervera
Owners spending more time with pets due to stay at home orders could cause anxiety in animals when their humans resume working at the office.

Segment 1, beginning at 3:53: Day-to-day routines have changed for humans and their pets.

Pets' home alone leisure time changed with stay-at-home orders. Find out how to ease the transition back to being home without their human companion.

Segment 2, beginning at 21:39: The public health crisis has spurred an uptick in calls to the Kansas City, Missouri, non-emergency line.

Questions about municipal court hearings, park goers and essential businesses have added to the increased volume of calls on Kansas City's non-emergency 311 line.

Segment 3, beginning at 28:01: Journalists on maintaining safe distances and still getting the story.

Boom microphones, longer lenses and video conferences are just some of the ways journalists have adapted while providing news coverage of the coronavirus. Find out what their missing in face-to-face interactions, and what has stuck with them the most as the pandemic story unfolds.

Segment 4, beginning at 51:21: Son advises father who sent mask to Governor Andrew Cuomo to "soak it up."

Josh Ruhnke revealed why he wasn't all that surprised by his dad Dennis' gesture that garnered national attention.

  • Josh Ruhnke, son of Dennis and Sharon Ruhnke of Troy, Kansas
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