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Reform School Abuse | Kansas City Jobs Market | Race, Ethnic & Gender Studies | MTV's Cultural Imprint

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The University of Missouri-Kansas City will begin offering a Bachelor of Arts degree in race, ethnicity and gender studies during the fall 2021 semester.

A reform school in rural Missouri closes after allegations of abuse and neglect, how the local job market is responding to the coronavirus pandemic, one Kansas City university is rolling out a new academic department, and a retrospective analysis of MTV's video content in the 1990s.

Segment 1, beginning at 3:59: Boyd and Stephanie Householder deny allegations of physical abuse and neglect at their faith-based reform school.

Circle of Hope Girls' Ranch, in rural Southwest Missouri, has come under scrutiny after allegations of physical abuse and neglect, according to reporting done by the Kansas City Star. The Householders now say they're closing the school in the wake of the accusations, some of them from their own daughter.

Segment 2, beginning at 17:42: With many businesses closed or limiting operations during the pandemic, where are the jobs right now in Kansas City?

The Mid-America Regional Council closely monitors job growth in the Kansas City area. They cite programming jobs, services sales, trade skills and construction as sectors of growth during a time when job prospects may seem scarce.

Segment 3, beginning at 29:28: UMKC will let students more closely study systemic issues of race, ethnicity and gender.

The quick establishment of the new department was driven by student demand. "Given the level of civil unrest we've seen in our society in recent years," department interim chair Toya Like said, "this is a resurgence of what we’ve seen time and time again in our nation's history."

  • Toya Like, associate professor and interim chair, Race, Ethnic and Gender Studies Department at the University of Missouri-Kansas City

Segment 4, beginning at 44:47: Why a University of Kansas professor reviewed 90s music videos in MTV’s "Buzz Bin."

MTV, said music researcher Brad Osborn, "(was) like the internet before anyone had the internet," and its series of "buzz-worthy" music videos was often an influential cultural tastemaker. That's why its lack of diversity and abundance of stereotypes was a concern to Osborn.

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