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Widespread Harassment In Gyms | Surge In Relinquished Pets

Overhead shot of two cats curled up on a desk chair. On the left is the smaller ginger and white cat asleep while the black and white cat on the right is looking directly at the camera.
Cody Newill
Willie (left) and Quabbles were both adopted from KC Pet Project during the pandemic. Both cats have remained in their current home despite the trend of pets being returned to animal shelters in the Kansas City area.

Over half of women who regularly visit a gym or fitness center experience harassment according to one new report, and animal shelters in the area are reeling from the number of pets being dropped off at their facilities.

Segment 1, beginning at 1:00: Among women who attend gyms and fitness centers, 56.37% report experiencing harassment according to a new report.

The report by Run Repeat also indicates that 92.31% of instances of harassment against women go unreported. "If people aren't reporting the issue, it's hard to know how to address it" according to Nick Rizzo, Run Repeat's fitness research director . Hailee Bland Walsh, founder and owner of City Gym KC said "When you center the voices of those folks who feel most unsafe... the whole community benefits."

Segment 2, beginning at 30:12: Animal shelters across the metro that ran out of adoptable pets last year are currently overpopulated due to relinquished animals.

While KC Pet Project typically receives thirty to forty pets per day, according to Tori Fugate, "we are now seeing upwards around fifty to seventy new animals every single day coming into our shelter." She adds that over 1,400 pets arrived at their shelters over the last month creating a "desperate situation." Wayside Waifs, another area animal shelter, is also experiencing a surge in relinquished pets.

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