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Novelist Salman Rushdie Speaks at Kansas University

Novelist Salman Rushdie speaks about religion, writing, and freedom. The author of controversial 'The Satanic Verses,' his latest novel is called 'Shalimar the Clown.'By Ahmad Safi

Kansas City, MO – Novelist Salman Rushdie was born in Bombay in 1947, the same year India declared independence from Britain. His book ?Midnight?s Children? was inspired by that coincidence ? and its main character grows up with the country of India. Salman Rushdie?s life became even more connected international politics when he was placed under a death sentence in 1989 for his novel ?The Satanic Verses.? Some Muslims thought the book was blasphemous. Rushdie was forced into hiding. Nine years later, the sentence was lifted, and Rushdie now travels freely.

He spoke at KU?s Lied Center in Lawrence last month. As the sold-out crowd walked into the auditorium, they passed members of Fred Phelp?s church, holding their regular protest against homosexuality.

In his talk, Salman Rushdie made a link between fundamentalist ideologies around the world.

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