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2012: The Myth Of The Mayan Calendar


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Debunking the End of the World

It’s finally 2012—the year the Mayans predicted the world to end, right? Wrong, says John Hoopes, University of Kansas Associate Professor of Archaeology. He’s an expert in pre-Columbian civilizations. While he was busy debunking the 2012 phenomenon, he became fascinated with modern day myth-making and wrote about both in a his blog, hosted by Psychology Today.

Psychological Effects of Priest Sex Abuse

The psychological impact of sex abuse is always serious. But what happens when the abuser is a priest? Hear from psychologist Lawrence Nieters, who has worked with victims of the priest sex abuse scandal, for insight into the healing process.

Misssouri's Budget Takes Center Stage

As Missouri lawmakers return to session this week, they’ll face a multitude of tasks, but front and center will be the state’s budget.  Missouri faces a challenging year, with a major source of revenue running out and an economy that’s still struggling to recover from the recession.

The Giver Premiers As An Opera

If you hear the word OPERA and think of a stuffy art form with horned helmets and a large singing lady...well, think again.  A new opera, co-commissioned by the Lyric Opera of Kansas City, is based on Lois Lowry’s The Giver - a popular, but controversial novel about a dystopian society that’s embraced “sameness.” 

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