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Ft. Leavenworth Prisoner May Be Charged This Week In Afghan Murders

After meetings at a prison at Fort Leavenworth, the lawyer for Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales has said he expects charges could be filed tomorrow in the murder of 16 Afghanistan civilians during a rampage earlier this month.

After two days of meetings with the soldier under arrest in the March 11th shootings at two Afghan villages, his civilian defense attorney said Bales has memory gaps about what happened.

Attorney John Henry Brown believes Bales suffers from post traumatic stress after repeated deployments into Iraq and Afghanistan --"The military, to a certain extent, wants to focus on, well, he has financial problems, so he's going to go kill women and children.  That's ridiculous. The real question that should be asked of everyone right now is what we're asking these young men to do."

Browne  has indicated he  may put the  war in Afghanistan itself, on trial. Browne  said Bales should never have been sent to Afghanistan after suffering an earlier concussive brain injury.

  Bales remains in a cell at the Kansas Fort's Joint Regional Correctional Facility waiting for filing of  charges by the military. Browne said defenders plan to travel to Afghanistan to learn more of what happened, as they conduct their own investigation.

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