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The final Walt Bodine Show aired on April 27th, 2012, celebrating 72 years of originality and honesty across print, television and radio platforms, as pioneering journalist Walt Bodine retired from KCUR. Walt died at the age of 92 on Sunday, March 24, 2013.MORE ON WALT:Walt's Beat: A Multimedia Journey Through Walt's CareerThe Walt Bodine Audio DocumentaryMarr Sound Archive Walt CollectionKansas City Star: With Bodine’s final show, KC will miss a good friendStoryCorps in KC: Walt Bodine and Tom BodineA TRIBUTE TO WALT FROM MARILYN MAYE:http://kcurstream.umkc.edu/CENTRAL/blog/maye.mp3

Kansas Citians React To Loss Of Legendary Broadcaster

KCUR received many emails, online comments, phone calls, tweets and Facebook comments in the wake of the death of legendary journalist Walt Bodine last Sunday. Bodine was 92, and for 72 years he was a beloved Kansas City mainstay. His journalistic integrity and conversational skills made a huge impact on his listeners and on the Kansas City community.

A memorial service, a celebration of Bodine's amazing life, is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m., Saturday, March 30, 2013, at Unity Temple on the Plaza, 707 W. 47th St., Kansas City, Mo.

Find out more about Walt Bodine's life and career here. If you have favorite memories of Walt Bodine, you can leave them below this post in our comments section.

Below are some of the comments and responses KCUR has received since Sunday.

“So very sad. I had the opportunity to meet with him, was on the show, even ate at Plaza III in his special booth. He will be missed.” -from an email from the Johnson County Library
"We are all very saddened by the passing of Walt Bodine.  He was one of Kansas City’s greatest personalities and beloved friend.  He will be greatly missed." -from Sherry at McDowell, Rice, Smith & Buchanan
"I can not tell you how I have enjoyed Walt over the years, simply hearing his voice made me stop and listen. 
As a fellow member of the now departed Rockhill Club it was my pleasure to see 
him on occasion. 
He will and was missed." -posted on kcur.org by Walt Fan

"When I first moved to Kaycee I tuned into KCUR to know more about my new surroundings. The Walt Bodine Show helped me out a lot in getting to know the history and life this great city has to offer. Walt was for me Mr Kansas City." -posted on kcur.org by J Gonzalez
"I can't imagine Kansas City without Walt. He is truly the face of KC for those of us who actually listen local radio. I do hope that he finally found a really good eclair. I'm still looking, and if I ever find it, I'll tell the store owner to name it after him. I shared his interest in local history and am so glad he had guests who made my day a joy talking about the oldie stuff. Thanks, Mr. Bodine, for enriching my life in so many ways. To his family, I offer my condolences." -posted on kcur.org by bobkennedy

"I grew up listening to Walt on a transistor radio as he hosted "Night Beat" on WHB. Every night he held civil conversations on the important issues of the day, and other things that made life in KC interesting. Years later I had the pleasure of working with Walt at KCUR. I learned a lot from his undying curiosity and passion to serve listeners. We all learned from Walt, and we have benefited from his presence. Thanks Walt. You'll be missed." -posted on kcur.org by Ron Jones
"When I went to UMKC, I had a screenwriting course with Walt, and I also worked for him. I loved to hear his stories. One concerned the time he was a young guy with not much money. He somehow procured an old Mercedes-Benz that looked great, and he felt great driving it around, smoking a cigar, and flicking the ashes out the rust hold in the floorboard." -posted on kcur.org by Liz

"I was on his show a couple of times way back when. Didn't know what I was doing, but he put me right at ease. He had a great radio voice." -posted by John Mort on Facebook
"The voice of KC for so long - honesty, decency and wit. I've never known anyone who knew the art of conversation better than Walt Bodine." -posted by KCUR's Sylvia Maria Gross on Facebook

"there are no emoticons to convey the sadness." -posted by Alex Awesomeface Gamble on Facebook
"Mike Bushnell posted the news of Walt Bodine's death, last night, on his FB page. I'm so grateful that I went to visit him in Brighton Gardens last week. He was very, very frail and had difficulty putting his thoughts into words. He was 92 years old and what a life he had led! He was a major influence on my life here in Kansas City as a friend, a mentor, a supporter. A total no-nonsense soul, he always cut right through the quick to get to the point. When I was agonizing about leaving my former job at the Sun Newspapers, weighing all the pros and cons, ad nauseum, I called Walt. He said: 'Just go in and quit tomorrow. That's it, that's my advice.' I did and never looked back. He really was a legend." -posted by KCUR contributor Charles Ferruzza on Facebook
"He used to come and eat at Michael Forbes Grill in Waldo way back when. He told me every time that I reminded him of Elvira. -posted by Catherine Tronnes on Facebook
"I absolutely idolized the man. He is deeply missed on the Kansas City airwaves. Thank God for the Marr Archives; we'll always have a huge part of him here with us." -posted by Shay Estes Broockard on Facebookhttps://twitter.com/budmanmizzou/status/315907354463961088"Walt's death truly represents the end of en era, an era when being a journalist meant something more than merely posting press releases from people in power, when stories were actually investigated and reporters cared less about their jobs and more about reporting the truth. He will be missed... " -posted by Harris H. Wilder on Facebook"The one thing I will always remember about Walt was how welcoming he was when I came to KCUR in 2002. Instead of being threatened, Walt couldn't have been more welcoming. He invited me to lunch the first week, and he was always, always supportive, interested, full of compliments about a show that was still trying to get its legs. Rest in peace, Walt." -posted by KCUR's Steve Kraske on Facebook"When I first came to KC I would listen to Walt almost every morning driving to class or work. Often I would call in with my brilliant input. He was always welcoming and gracious, and often added actual wisdom to my question or comment. Later I came to know him, and he was that same wise kind soul. Walt you made me feel at home here in your dear Kansas City. Thank You ...." -posted by Avritt Lemon-Brown on Facebookhttps://twitter.com/TimSLloyd/status/315874619095650305"After I left Sprint, I started just about every day with Gina Kaufmann, Suzanne Hogan, and this guy. Probably, it was the best morning radio show ever." -posted by Clay Vernon on Facebook"Walt Bodine was a great friend to me on and off the air. Nobody can replace this man in my life, but I feel so lucky to have experienced 2 awesome, fun-filled years with him, laughing harder every day at work than anyone has a right to." -posted by Gina Kaufmann on Facebook"Heaven got a good one today in Walt Bodine. 

Was lucky to be on his show a couple times and interview him once for a magazine piece. Luckier still to count one of his closest Earth Team members, Gina Kaufmann, as a deep friend. Thinking of her most of all today. 

If ever I have financial riches I'll give a very large lump of them to public radio for putting fine, brilliant people like them on the air." -posted by Sara Smarsh on Facebookhttps://twitter.com/vanbetts/status/315854483764695043"Sad to hear my friend, former colleague and broadcasting treasure Walt Bodine passed this morning. I am honored to have been the last producer to a man who was a part of the golden age of radio, saw the birth of TV, the Internet. He was an incredible man, and we'll never stop missing him.

If you want a way to remember Walt today, I reccomend listening back to this interview he did with Ira Glass in 2004. In it, the tables get turned and Ira begins interviewing Walt." -posted by former KCUR staffer, and Walt's producer, Andrea Silenzihttps://twitter.com/Melapoly/status/315851346492399616"Oh golly, I remember when Walt invited me to sub as host on his show on WHB and then lent lots of encouragement and support when I hosted my own talk show on KCMO radio in the early 80s. God bless you, Walt You lived a full, rich life." -posted by Barbara Bartocci on Facebookhttps://twitter.com/WesDixon/status/316856151713140736

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