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Your Guide To Interviewing Loved Ones On The 'National Day Of Listening'


Since November 2008, the public radio community has been celebrating the day after Thanksgiving as a National Day of Listening.

The holiday is the brain child of StoryCorps founder, Dave Isay, and urges people to take advantage of time with friends and family and record interviews with loved ones.

You don't need to be a radio professional or have a studio to participate, but these tips should help you get started:

  1. Create a list of questions before hand
    There is a list in this longer guide, or you can search for online resources, like this list from About.com.
  2. Find a quiet, comfortable place to do the interview
    Try to disable sounds like TV, radios, noisy computers or lights.
  3. Borrow or purchase recording equipment
    You can use a cell phone, computer, tape deck or something more professional, if available. There are detailed instructions about using a smartphone app here.
  4. Start the conversation
    Start the interview with the date, time and place of recording. Say the name of age of interviewee and interviewer. Use silent gestures to keep the conversation going, and try not to interrupt.
  5. Save and share the conversation
    Label and store the conversation in a safe place. Then share your interview on StoryCorp's Wall of Listening.

There is a complete guide to participating in StoryCorps National Day of Listening here.


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