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7 Reasons To Get Excited About IKEA Opening In Kansas City


For the uninitiated, IKEA is just a big furniture store.

But for those in the Kansas City area who have been to IKEA before, the grand opening of a new store in Merriam, Kan., on Sept. 10 is a big deal. The Swedish furniture chain is allowing people to line up 48 hours before the Merriam store opens. And they will.

Why? Well, because of all the possibilities.

Here are some of the reasons you should be excited about IKEA opening in the metro.

1. Swedish cuisine

Credit Alpha / Flickr-CC
IKEA's Swedish meatballs, lingonberry jam, and potatoes dish is a favorite that Kansas Citians will soon be able to experience.

This may come as a surprise, but IKEA stores have restaurants inside them that showcase traditional Swedish cuisine.

Swedish meatballs with cream sauce, lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes is undoubtedly the most popular dish, despite a horse meat scare in Europe a year ago. They also have salmon lasagna, chocolate cake, and breakfast items.

2. The dating opportunities

As 500 Days of Summer showed us, IKEA can be a great place to take a prospective lover on a date.

You can eat the aforementioned Swedish cuisine, walk leisurely through the labyrinthine building, and get a feel for each others' taste as you look at a menagerie of colorful sofas, couches and beds.

Who knows? You might even get some shopping done while you're there.

3. Ride/race carts

Though it's probably pretty dangerous to mount a spinning cart while it's hurtling down an aisle, it's also probably some of the most fun you'll have all day.

4. The events

IKEA stores around the world hold a variety of events and workshops for all ages. Crayfish buffets, back to college seminars and events for young children are just some of the attractions that IKEA holds every month.

5. DIY furniture projects

Credit petbunkbedhack / ikeahackers.net
This bunk bed made out of IKEA doll beds is just one potential DIY project that can be made out of IKEA products.

IKEA's products don't come pre-assembled, which opens up doors for some DIY furniture designs. IKEA Hackers is a website devoted to showcasing some smart modifications of shelving, desks and many other IKEA products to make them even more functional.

For example, this project used shelving units and carpeting from IKEA to create a cat playground.

6. You can do whatever this guy is doing

You know you want to.

7. Of course, there is also the easy-to-assemble furniture.

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