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Kansas Board Of Education 'Expects' Schools To Teach Cursive

The Kansas State Board of Education has made a strong statement urging school districts to teach cursive writing. The recommended grade school standards say the board "expects" districts to teach cursive.

The board voted 10-0 to tell school districts to keep cursive in the classroom, citing research that indicates handwriting is connected to cognitive development.

Board member Janet Waugh, from Kansas City, Kan., says she understands why schools might cut back on cursive.

"Naturally, because of all the other demands on them, this has taken a back seat, which I'm sorry to hear, but I certainly understand," says Waugh.

But, she says her constituents are concerned about the issue.

"I've received many calls, many emails regarding the importance of cursive writing, and frankly, the lack of it in many districts," says Waugh.

But it's not mandatory that schools comply with the recommendation. Districts will still have the final say on whether or not they teach cursive.

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