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McCaskill On Akin: Missouri Voters Have Spoken


The day after GOP leaders called for Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin to withdrawal, his opponent, Claire McCaskill, didn't have much to say on the topic.

At a campaign stop in St. Louis on Wednesday, McCaskill fielded question after question about calls for Akin to step aside.

And each time she gave the same answer, McCaskill said the voters of Missouri have spoken.

"And I'm going to run against Todd Akin and we're going to run the contrasts that are necessary so that voters know that he's outside the mainstream," says McCaskill. "He's very extreme, and I'm the senator that will be on their side."

She said most Missourians already know that there's a stark contrast between her position on abortion and Akin's stance. 

Standing in front of her campaign bus with a big picture of Missouri on the side, McCaskill said she will travel the state making the case that she's a good old fashioned Missouri-moderate.

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