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Missouri Senators Disagree About Gun Control

After the tragedy in Connecticut, many are now looking to Congress and the President to enact legislation that will curb gun violence. But Missouri’s Senators don’t agree on what that response should be.

On Saturday, Senator Roy Blunt said stricter gun laws are unlikely to deter similar acts of violence. Later, he told The Kansas City Star that he would vote against anything that negatively impacts the Second Amendment, and that federal gun laws won't change anytime soon.

On a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, Blunt admitted he was too quick in that assessment. But he did not step back from those comments.

“I know everybody wants to talk about this before we get the information we need," said Blunt. "I’m a supporter of the Constitution, and that means all the amendments.”

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, meanwhile, told reporters that she supports a ban on assault weapons.

McCaskill started off the conference call by saying that she will not violate the Second Amendment and that her father was an avid hunter. However, she added, “I do not recall him ever needing a clip that had multiples of bullets in them. I do not recall him needing guns that were designed for killing people in war.”

Republican Senator Roy Blunt has said that he will vote against anything that negatively impacts the Second Amendment.

What both senators do agree on, however, is that more should be done to focus on mental healthcare in America.

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